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International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Marion Odell, RN, Vice President
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
PO Box 80523, RPO White Shields, 2300 Lawrence Ave. E.
Toronto, ON M1P4Z5 Canada
Phone 416-755-3685



Mission Statement

The International Institute of Concern for Public Health is a Canadian-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities assess and improve their environmental health status. The IICPH alerts and informs the public of the health hazards of pesticides, nuclear industries and other commercial, military, and industrial products. As well -- independent of government and industry -- the Institute provides the evidence and documentation needed by survivors of environmental disasters. This unique and essential service both supports and furthers the key principle on which the IICPH operates: that a safe environment is a fundamental human right. IICPH works in cooperation with Native Peoples, professionals, grassroots organizations, and citizens groups in Canada, the United States, Russia, the Central Pacific, India, South America, Europe, South Africa, and many other countries.
  • Geographic focus: International
  • Membership: none

Children's Environmental Health Activities


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Publication date: 7/15/2006

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