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Resource Guide on Children's Environmental Health

The Children's Environmental Health Network has developed the Resource Guide on Children's Environmental Health to assist community leaders, policy makers, health and environmental specialists, members of the advocacy community and media, and the general public in identifying and accessing key resources in children's environmental health.

The Resource Guide is available online!

What's In The Guide: The Guide provides access to a wide range of information about the field of children's environmental health, including:

  • government and private organizations that conduct a broad spectrum of projects on behalf of children's environmental health. Listings include the organization's contact information, mission statement, a description of it's children's environmental health activities, and a listing of information the organization makes available to the public and the target audiences it seeks to reach.
  • data sources, including databases, directories, hotlines and Internet sites, that provide information on a variety of chemicals and statistics on the impact of toxicants on children's health.
  • A detailed index that allows you to locate organizations and data sources according to:
    • the issues they address (such as air quality, environmental tobacco smoke or pesticides)
    • the information services they offer (such as a journal, Internet site or telephone hotline)
    • the activities they conduct (such as research, professional or public education, or industry monitoring)

For the newcomer to the field of children's environmental health, the Guide offers:

  • background information on how and why children are typically more affected than adults by environmental exposures
  • a recommended reading list
  • a glossary of commonly-used scientific and technical terms

How The Guide Can Help You: The Resource Guide will inform you of relevant work being conducted in the fields of public policy, medicine, environmental health sciences, government, maternal-child health, community organization and education.

Notice: The CEHN is now actively seeking support for the maintenance of this Resource Guide. Please be aware that many of these listings are now several months outdated. Please contact us if there is an interest in contributing to the upkeep of this important resource in any way.

Ordering Information: Copies of the Resource Guide are no longer available offline.



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