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Training Manual on Pediatric Environmental Health: Putting It Into Practice
As of Spring/Summer 2014, this Resource has been updated. Please click here to read about the revised and updated Pediatric Training Resource, and to download the modules and user guides.



The Training Manual on Pediatric Environmental Health: Putting It Into Practice (1999) has been designed to assist you in incorporating pediatric environmental health into your teaching program. Modules include case studies, discussion questions, and suggested assignments you can use to teach pediatric environmental health to your students, residents, or colleagues.

CEHN's Training Manual for health care faculty is available online. You can download the entire manual to save, print, or share electronically with students and colleagues.

Download Entire Training Manual (PDF, size 412KB)

Download Table of Contents (PDF, size 64KB)

Feedback: We'd like to hear from you. Send us your comments on the training manual, updates, and new resources for teaching environmental health.

Resources: CEHN's Resource Guide on Children's Environmental Health is an invaluable companion to the training manual. The online guide provides access to information about organizations active in the field, sources of data on children's health and environmental toxicants, and other resources that pertain to children's environmental health.

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